Will Funk

Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2012
| 11x14 Photograph |

At times I think of creativity as a recipe.  When a vision of a photograph comes alive, it’s typically made from numerous past references, simmering as each ingredient is added.  A serving of perfect light here, a dash of color there, then stir in a pinch of framing and other compositional elements.  Like a chef, only you know when it is ready.

Other times purely external impetus begins the process.  A landscape spreading out before me beckons to be photographed.  It calls to use ingredients that will add flavor to the mix without adding any unsavory elements.  While surveying the lay of the land, ideas flow like a perfect sauce on how to bring the most out of the scene. 

Serendipity is another dish frequently served and can never be underestimated.  Yes unplanned, but it’s up to us to decide if we are going to seize the moment. Carpe Diem.  What separates creatives from observers is that they take more opportunities when they are presented. 

It was once said that the difference between successful landscape photographers and their less accomplished counterparts is that the latter are often late for work.  We miss opportunities when the light is at its best and unique and beautiful things unfold before our lenses.  Getting up early, trudging through inhospitable environs and lugging heavy gear up and down hills, just in case you may need it, is the price we pay to squeeze out just a little more juice from the orange.

Boiling down all the elements to my personal creativity I can’t help but look to the inspiration found in so many locations.  Landscapes, architecture, people…the lines, colors, shading and so many other elements inspire in many different ways.  The more inspiration I find around me, the easier it is flow into a creative state.

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