William Catling


Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2013
    May work comes from intuitive connections to the invisible, ongoing consciousness that links humanity across time and distance. The figures are created to emit an archaic sensibility, a strong connection of the past to the present. The wings engage the idea that flight is symbolic for spiritual wholeness or escape from suffering.  It is as if these figures occupy another realm, one that we cannot experience physically but the knowledge of it permeates our lives.

The work addresses the loss of our natural sense of being human, that is our deeply innate sense of ourselves. We have become disconnected from the natural rhythms of life. These figures are about the continued rediscovery of the true human condition that resides deep within us. The ideas do not eliminate the body’s suffering but presents it as a condition for spiritual uplift.

It is the intent of the work to project an ancient oneness of humanity’s need for the internal search for wholeness and meaning. The art is an attempt to raise our consciousness above the distracted, destructive and unaware content of much of contemporary life, to an upward and inward journey of spiritual transcendent experience, through the elementary order of the human figure.
Searching the Stillness / One 2008 | Sculpture - Clay,
Wood & Barbwire 13.5x5.5x20.75 | 132.14.11
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