Woody Hansen

Sticking Point | 15x30 watercolor | 210.15.03

Portrait by: Gene Sasse 2010

I consider myself a shape painter, one who attempts to create interesting marks on paper. I believe there is an elusive difference between the approach to art and craft, and that painting and drawing are two different but related skills, usually with unequal dependence on the other. In short, the terms “art” and “craft” are not interchangeable, but certainly deserve equal appreciation.

Watercolor painting can be thought of as a possible metaphor for life. Like life, each painting has a beginning, middle, and an end. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Regardless of the outcome our work, like our life is to be appreciated. Every new watercolor attempt provides not only an educational opportunity, but also clues about life in general.

Many people are intimidated by what they feel is an inability to "draw a straight line." Sadly, they erroneously conclude they have no art talent and give up too soon. Blinded by the quest for the photographic ideal, they fail to see or appreciate the beauty of their personal uniqueness.

Royal River 2010 | 15x30 watercolor | 59.13.11
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