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Art: Theater for the Mind



Art: Theater for the Mind


Art as is life is a journey of discovery. It’s a lesson in expression that talks to the viewer on an individual level, painting memories of life, drama, and inspiration set in a space that is theater for the mind.


  Female Artists: Past & Present  
  Female Artists: Past and Present is a show representing the work of female artists in conversation with one another. It highlights a mix of disciplines, and mediums from talented women working over the past 50-years.   

  A Dialog with Nature  

“The artist should not only paint what he sees before him,” claimed Caspar David Friedrich, “but also what he sees in himself”. He should have “a dialogue with Nature”. Friedrich’s words encapsulate two central elements of the Romantic conception of landscape: close observation of the natural world and the importance of the imagination.

This exhibit explores not only the relationship the artists have with the natural world but also how it’s interpreted and visualized.


  Edward Weston:  Perpetual Existence  

Azusa Pacific University is proud to present "Perpetual Existence", an exhibition of prints from the internationally known photographer Edward Weston. The exhibition consists of mostly portraits that Weston did while working in his studio in Glendale and printed by his daugher-in-law Dody Weston Thompson. The collection is on loan from the Inland Empire Museum of Art.


  Discovering Receptive Abstract Patternism  

Rod Jones's paintings are cold on the outside but warm in its embrace, Receptive Abstract Patternism with its inseparable hat-tipping soul guarantees that never again will we see abstract art in an unreachable kind of way.


   Visions of Elysium  

“Visions of Elysium”, refers to the Elysian Fields, a place of peace and beauty which the ancient Greeks believed was the reward for living a good life.  



Painter - Eric Tippeconnic & Photographer - Derrick Yazzie

This exhibit is about capturing a moment to serve as a metaphor for the viewer which boldly states that Indigenous American cultures while intimately connected to their history are in fact contemporary, alive, and constantly evolving.



  Joanna Mersereau: Artist in Review  
  With a strong pallet of vibrant colors, Joanna Mersereau gives us a glimpse of her world through her art. With an eye for design and form that comes from a background incorporating a love for architectural design as well as a passion to create beauty, she “paints what she sees” and wants to share her world with others.  

  Faces: Portraits from the Collection  

We see so many people in a day.  Faces in public, at home, at work, in our social life.  Why would a person attend an exhibit entitled Faces: Portraits from the Collection? More importantly, why would a person even create portraits? The big answer to both questions is that we are human. As humans, we are compelled to create, explore, and interpret. 



  A Visit With 50 Artists: In Their Studios    

  I can’t imagine a world with only one type of art. With the unique vision and style each artist creates a string of stories by which we all as share metaphors of life. No two people see the same thing in the same way. Each of us witnesses the world from a different perspective, we each have unique thoughts and emotions, and we each build on a different set of experiences.  

  Fragments: an archeology of memory  

A unique artistic perspective from a Vietnam veteran. This artwork has facilitated the uncovering of bits of blocked memories, pieces of the reality that was too harsh to hold onto, to in the 70’s, too difficult to relive fully today With a paintbrush as his tool, Johnson allows his subconscious access to his studio and we benefit by these dozens of abstract paintings and assemblage. The images are fragments that interplay with poems, short stories and plays written after 911. The written words, rather than explaining the images, point beyond or behind the artwork.


  Presidental Images: America's Leaders  


With our last election we thought  it would be nice show the chronological List of Presidents, First Ladies, and Vice Presidents of the United States and other interesting tidbits


  Epitaphs: what dreams are made of...  

Think back to several years ago, whether it feels like a long time, or just a few moments, your mind will mark the unexpected twists and turns of your life’s journey. Now, consider tomorrow. What if you knew when you were going to die?  What would be the one thing you would want to leave with the world? These artists give us an insider’s view into what holds value for them. While most are still living, their journeys speak of faith, trust, grief, hope, despair, healing, redemption, lessons, losses, warnings and of vindication. They address questions we can’t help asking, even though we know the answers cannot fully be realized while living in this world. How would you want to be remembered? What would your “epitaph” look like?


“...For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause.” "Hamle
t" Act III Scene 1


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